Business Owners Tracy and David are Travelling to Uganda

Business Owners Tracy and David are Travelling to Uganda
Blooming Gorgeous business owners Tracy and David, are travelling to Uganda in March 2023 on a humanitarian trip to help and support Kyampisi Childcare Ministries. Since Tracy and David learnt of the organisations mission they recognised the struggle and importance of this mission and are passionate about helping in any way possible.

A group of 33 compassionate and committed Australian and New Zealand business owners will be embarking on humanitarian trip dubbed, Mission Abundance 2nd Edition, to Uganda on the 24th March to support the important work of Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) helps Victims of Child Sacrifice. In 2019, a prior group of business owners visited Kyampisi to support this cause.

KCM provides care and support to vulnerable children and families in the Kyampisi, Uganda community and is dedicated to improving the well-being and future prospects of the children it serves, including victims of child sacrifice.

The humanitarian expedition is spearheaded by Bruce and Georgie Campbell, the founders of the Entrepreneurial Business School (EBS) based on the Sunshine Coast. They initially became aware of KCM (Kyampisi Childcare Ministries) where a chance encounter in an airport led to an incredible partnership between two dorganisations with a heart for children. Peter Sewakiryanga, founder of KCM and Bruce Campbell, Director of Entrepreneurial Business School first crossed paths in Perth in 2018. Bruce was travelling for business and Peter was bringing a child to Brisbane, Australia for funded reconstructive surgery. They talked for hours about the needs required for the community of Kyampisi, Uganda and so an inspiring collaboration evolved. “I always meet angels in airports", said Peter Sewakiryanga.

This chance meeting had a profound impact on Bruce and Georgie, inspiring them to utilise their business coaching business and significant reach to focus their fundraising efforts towards the life-changing work carried out by KCM in Uganda.
"Our journey began with a bold dream to raise $10,000 and create a positive impact. Four years on, we have exceeded all expectations by reaching $1.82 million and having made a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of children in Uganda. We do what we do, for the families we support here in Australia and globally”, said Georgie Campbell

So far, Bruce and Georgie have greatly impacted KCM through their efforts to increase funding and visibility for the organisation. They have successfully raised funds from the Entrepreneurial Business School community and run a large auction event following a yearly gala dinner to support KCM. Additionally, the EBS community sponsors more than 306 children and also accompanies clients to Uganda to support the crucial work of KCM. This has resulted in the building of a 1250 sq metre Rehabilitation Centre, supporting the local primary school, the opening of a Medical Centre, and ongoing support for children in need. Child sacrifice is a deeply ingrained and harmful practice that continues to occur in some parts of Uganda. It involves the torture or murder of minors as a part of spiritual sacrifice promising blessings of prosperity or cures for illness. This practice is obviously unlawful, but due to extreme poverty, ignorance and fear, it is persisting. KCM is working with the Ugandan government to help end child sacrifice in Uganda and provides support to those who have been affected by this horrific practice through rescue and rehabilitation, education and awareness, community outreach, legal support, and long-term care.

The Australian and New Zealand business owners will spend 5 days at KCM, where a team of builders will continue construction of the Rehabilitation Centre, provide fun games and activities for the children, and bring much-needed donations of supplies and equipment. The group is also planning to hold a workshop for local business owners to help them develop their skills and grow their businesses. In addition, they will support a Medical Camp processing up to 1200 men, women and children to receive free healthcare, funding medical professionals to service the community, for dental, optometry, and general medical. The town otherwise has very limited access to medical resources and advice, so this is a critical opportunity to help improve the health and well-being of the local community.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to visit KCM and make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda, especially those who have been affected by child sacrifice,” said Kara de Schot, one of the business owners who is part of the humanitarian trip. “We believe that business owners have a unique role to play in promoting social good for less fortunate communities, and we are proud to be able to make a huge difference in the lives of these children. Meeting them in person is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries is grateful for the support of the Australian and New Zealand business owners and is looking forward to their visit. “We are so appreciative of this group’s commitment to helping us provide care and support to vulnerable children and families in our community, especially those affected by child sacrifice,” said Peter Sewakiryanga. “Their visit will make a significant impact on the lives of many, and we are grateful for their generosity and support.”

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